Automotive Services Studies have shown dramatic decrease in injuries, illness, lost work time and insurance premiums after implementation of an effective program.

Compliance Centre offers services designed to address the technical, mechanical and administrative aspects of environmental, safety and health management for automotive racing team, service repair facilities and body shops.

Compliance Centre offers several delivery methods for our services:

1. Gap Analysis- Provides a third party- evaluation of existing written policies, physical conditions, training curriculum and recordkeeping to advise of any "gaps" in addressing exposure risks and/or meeting regulatory requirements.

2. Waste & Recycling Services- Compliance Centre can assist in securing permitted environmental contractors to package, transport, recycle and/or dispose of waste paint, solvents, scrap tires, used oil, coolants, scrap metal, oil filters and other materials. When packaged with our Risk Management System, all aspects of environmental, safety and health compliance can be properly addressed.
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3. Risk Management System (RMS)- The Risk Management System (RMS) is a customized package of services designed to cost effectively address client needs. Compliance Centre becomes your virtual ES&H Department when our professionals conduct risk analysis, define regulatory requirements, develop policies, conduct exposure monitoring, provide training and perform audits. Existing policies, organizational infrastructure and personnel communication needs are incorporated to create a complimentary proactive system.

Some of our clients have experienced as much as 60% decrease in operational costs towards environmental, safety and health management after implementing Compliance Centre's Risk Management System and Waste & Recycling Services!

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • OSHA/EPA/DOT/ Compliance Audit & Gap Analysis
  • Chemical, Physical & Mechanical Hazard Assessment
  • MSDS Binder Organization
  • Noise Level Sampling
  • Welding Fume/ Grinding/ Sanding Exposure Sampling
  • Paint Spraying Exposure Sampling

On-Site Environmental, Safety & Health Training

  • Forklift Operator Certificate
  • Emergency Evacuation & Fire Extinguisher
  • Respiratory Protection and Fit-Test
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • SPCC/Oil Handling
  • DOT Hazardous Materials Transportation

Environmental, Safety & Health Policy Development
Environmental Reporting
Quarterly Compliance Inspections
Records Retention
Consultations and Representation